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San Luis Obispo, Calkini, Campeche, 16 -18th century

San Luis Obispo, Calkini, Campeche, 16 -18<sup>th</sup> century

Dedicated to San Luis Obispo, the visita was converted to a monastery in 1555.  Built on a pre-conquest platform, the open chapel was raised high above the atrium with a three arch portería below.  The chapel faced south, an unusual orientation due perhaps to the position of the original platform.  A long ramada, a light structure of wooden poles and a thatch roof, sheltered the worshipers from the weather.  Built around the open chapel, a 17th century church was constructed on an east-west axis.  Almost nothing is left of the original open chapel which, in the 18th century, was converted into a sanctuary for a second church built on the site of the ramada.

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