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Parish Church of San Pablo, Mitla, Oaxaca, 17th Century

<p><strong>Parish</strong><strong> Church of San Pablo, Mitla,  Oaxaca, 17<sup>th</sup> Century</strong></p>

The pre-Columbian site of Mitla was originally built by the Zapotecs and later modified by the Mixtecs. It was an important burial place for royalty and priests. Artistically unique in Mesoamerica The Spaniards destroyed several palaces in Patio C of Mitla, appropriating the ancient sacred space for the new religion. They utilized existing indigenous platforms for the foundation and cut stones from the demolished buildings to construct the parish church of San Pablo Mitla. The Catholic church with its multiple domes was completed in the 17th century

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Indigenous Elements

Mixtec/zapotec Foundation