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Church of San Cristóbal, 17th Century, Puebla. Puebla

<p>Church of San Cristóbal, 17<sup>th</sup> Century, Puebla. Puebla</p>

Construction on the church of San Cristóbal, Puebla, was completed in 1687. Built to serve an orphanage, the church abounds with sculptures of children and cherubs. Manuel Toussaint characterizes the church of San Cristóbal in Puebla as \"Rich Baroque,\" an important stepping stone between \"Sober Baroque\" and the \"Exuberant Baroque\" of the Rosary Chapel of Santo Domingo, Puebla. He asserts that the adornment of the facade of grey stone and marble arises from artistic caprice and fantasy, resulting in a refined lavishness. The original towers were torn down in 1856 and reconstructed in the second half of the 20th century. The interior vaults are completely covered with relief ornament.