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San Cristobal, Parish Church, 18 th century, Merida, Yucatan

<p>San Cristobal, Parish Church, 18	<sup>th </sup> century, Merida, Yucatan</p>

This parish church for the barrio of San Cristobal was founded in 1757, but not completed until 1796.  The architect is unknown, but may have been Juan de Torres, builder of the church at Umán.  Coffered vaulting and the dome over crossing are similar to those of the Cathedral.  A Neoclassical stone retablo was added in the 19th century.  The church has many baroque touches while maintaining its Yucatecan austerity.  Dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, it still serves as a pilgrimage church for hundreds of faithful who flock to the site on the 12th of December.