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Saint Martin, (San Martín), Tepozótlan, Mexico, 16-18th Century

<p>Saint Martin, (San Martín), Tepozótlan, Mexico, 16-18th Century</p>

The Jesuits established this monastery on the outskirts of present-day Mexico City in 1582. The Seminario de San Martín, founded two years later, became an important institution for educating the indigenous population.
The cornerstone of the present church was laid in 1670. Though dedicated to San Francisco Javier, the church is usually referred to as San Martín. The eighteenth-century adornments of the church, including eleven dazzling gilded retablos and the exquisitely carved facade and tower, define this church as a prime example of Churrigueresque architecture in Mexico.
A camarín, a ceremonial dressing room, for the Virgin of Loreto was probably completed in the 18th century as well. The camarín is noted for its Moorish banded dome and multistage lantern, both very unusual in Mexico.