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St. Dominic (Santo Domingo), Uayma, Yucatán, 17th -18th Century

<p>St. Dominic (Santo Domingo), Uayma, Yucatán, 17th -18th Century</p>

Originally a visita for the nearby monastery at Tinum, Uayma became the head mission in the 17th century.  The convento was completed in 1642 using stones from nearby Maya ruins.  In the 18th century, the secular clergy built the exuberantly decorated church that we see today.  Both the exterior and interior of the church were stuccoed, incised with highly stylized flowers and geometric patterns, then painted in bright terra cotta, turquoise and a creamy white.  
The church was burned during the Caste War in the mid-19th Century; it was abandoned and its vault completely collapsed.  Restoration of the church to its pristine condition was completed by Adopte una obra de arte (Adopt a Work of Art) and INAH (The National Institue of Anthropology and History) in 2004.

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