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Saint Mary (María de Jesús), Tarécuato, Michoacán, 16th Century

<p>Saint Mary (María de Jesús), Tarécuato, Michoacán, 16<sup>th</sup> Century</p>

Nestled in the remote mountain village of Tarécuato, Michoacán, this Franciscan monastery was built in the 1540\'s. The church was constructed after 1548 by Fray Jacobo Daciano, a Danish aristocrat who took vows of poverty and lived out his life in rural Mexico. The facade of the church is very simple with a knotted Franciscan cord the only adornment around the alfiz of the portal. A heavy square bell tower occupies the northwest corner and a colonnaded walkway on the south leads to the monastery. A stone cross rises above the atrium supported by a pedestal sculpted on all sides with complex foliate motifs. The instruments of Christ\'s Passion are carved in relief on the side of the cross facing the church.

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