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San Martin, Huamelulpan, Oaxaca, 18th Century

<p><strong>San Martin, Huamelulpan, Oaxaca, 18th Century <br /></strong></p>

The town of San Martin Huamelulpan is known for the ancient archaeological site that it adjoins. Alfonso Caso discovered Huamelulpan in 1933. Located in the Mixteca Alta, the archaeological zone, dates back to 400 BCE. The city was situated on a principal trading route and reached its height between 300 BCE and 200 CE.   Huamelulpan was one of the largest cities of the Mixtec civilization at that time. It was abandoned before the Post Classic Period. The present village of 250 inhabitants lies about 500 meters from the ancient site. The church of San Martin was built on one of the ancient platforms using stones from the pre-Colombian buildings.

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